These are the Best Android Apps of 2012 According to Google

By Jesus Diaz on at

You already saw Apple's best apps of the year 2012—which were kind of crappy and ridiculous. Here's Google's best app selection for Android. Check them out:

1. Zappos, because buying shoes online is fun.
2. Evernote is not bad at all, though.
3. Pinterest is nice too. For the ladiez says Gingerman.
4. Grimm's Snow White story book? I guess.
5. Pocket is worth it, if you are subscribed to paid news sites.
6. Expedia app is kind of OK. Ish.
7. Ancestry, because people never get tired of tracing their genes back to badass Genghis Khan. That mother.
8. Fancy is one of my favorite sites and the app is not half bad either.
9. Mint is always an awesome way to see how you spent all the money you didn't have in the first place (though it's only available to Yanks).
10. SeriesGuide Show Manager—very good if you are into that whole TV thing.
11. Pixlr Express is Autodesk's mini-Photoshop-ish app.
12. TED Conferences, because it makes Onion Conferences possible.

Do you have a favourite Android app for 2012? Tell us in the comments. [Google]