These (Nearly) Naked Women Were Selling Phones (or Something) at CES

By Jesus Diaz on at

Some Chinese company decided that having regular booth babes at their CES shack wasn't enough. Instead, they used naked women in some sort of artsy-fartsy installation that was supposed to illustrate the advantages of whatever products they were selling.

Since the women were painted and wore flesh-coloured underpants, many people are now outraged.

I'm not.

It may be my Spanish nature—I'm used to seeing naked or topless people on the beach and not looking twice—but I don't find that this is offensive, tasteless or derogatory at all. At least, not as much as the usual booth babes.

Yes, I realise that this company is obviously trying to grab eyeballs, but I look at this booth and I just see female bodies painted. They are not in an erotic position. They have no attitude whatsoever. They are just there, standing like statues. Neutral.

Compare that to your usual booth babes, many strapped in tight clothes that push their breasts up to the pneumatically impossible and show every crevice of their vulvas as they try to lure stupid morons into booths with the promise of a flirtation what will inevitably go absolutely nowhere.

This is similar to the difference between a nudist beach and a porn magazine. The former has zero sex appeal, zero erotism, zero sex, even if the women and men have incredibly beautiful bodies. It's natural. The latter is usually game of prohibitions, of uncovering something, of tight clothes that show half a nipple, and the promise of pleasure and orgasm. It's natural too, but there's a game, which the companies use to lure men into their booths.

Not in this case, however. Perhaps you don't see the difference. Or maybe I'm mistaken. But, to me, this is more harmless art installation—albeit useless and stupid—than the erotism of the classic booth babe.

Opinions? Below.

Image courtesy of Chip Chick