These People Are Now Sharing Horrible Things About Themselves Thanks to Facebook Search

By Sam Biddle on at

FB's glistening new search engine makes finding interesting things about yourself, your past, and all of your friends excitingly easy. It also makes it a cinch to find strangers who are openly racist, sexist, and generally embarrassing. This is fun!

Nothing that wasn't public before Graph Search will be public after Graph Search, but that doesn't change the fact that digging up inadvertently-shared info is effortless. This is bad news for probably millions and millions of people who are going to have trouble finding jobs once the new search goes public.

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Like, there's nothing at all wrong with this per se, but it's not really something they probably want to broadcast to the world.


Maybe this is supposed to be a joke? Most actual rapists don't advertise, but it sure ain't funny.


That's racist.


That's unsettling.


That's gross, buddy.


Going to the KKK HQ—you better believe that's racist.


I'm pretty sure this is sexist.

And the best/worst part is, Facebook search autocompletes this stuff. I didn't even have to think up any of it on my own.

The moral here? Go into your profile and see what you're sharing. If it's something like "rape" or "shitting my pants," consider unliking it, or at least hiding it from the public. You've all been warned.