This £60 Dongle Lets You Send Video to a Dumb TV's HDMI Input via Wi-Fi

By Jamie Condliffe on at

This sleek little dongle, called Plair, is a neat little solution for slinging video from any number of devices to your TV. Simply plug it into an empty HDMI port and beam media to it via Wi-Fi.

Sure, there are plenty other ways to do that already—principally Airplay and the upcoming Miracast—but this is a perfectly neat solution, too. With custom apps for Android, iOS, OS X and Windows, it lets you throw local video, network shows or content from a raft of websites—YouTube, ESPN, NBC, Fox, and plenty more—to the TV in question. Seems particularly straightforward for people who aren't after anything too fancy.

Available in late January this year, it should cost around £60—which might well make it worth a look if you're after a simple way to stream video to your dumb TV. [Plair]