This Is The Best Facebook Group Ever

By Chris Mills on at

Most groups and pages on Facebook are full of dumb crap. Not this one. They are dedicated to tracking down and publicly shaming the worst examples of companies being pandering morons on Facebook -- and their latest find is both shameful and utterly brilliant.

They've pulled together a (worryingly large) collection of made-up national holidays by toilet paper brands. They include such well-known holidays as National Toilet Paper day (which Charmin are SO EXCITED about, by the way), National Watermelon Day, and my least favourite, National No Dirty Dishes Day. Also, January is apparently National Soup Month but ALSO National Get Organised Month; can you be organised with soup? Discuss.

As the noble knights of Condescending Corporate Brands (that's the page, by the way) have put it: "You couldn't make this up...oh, apparently you can". We salute you, brave warriors fighting against the seemingly endless tide of patronising bullshit that companies seem to think we want on our Facebook feeds.

So, Caped Crusaders of Condescending Corporate Brands, keep up the good work. Companies, if you'd kindly stop projectile-vomiting this crap all over Facebook, that'd be lovely too. [Condescending Corporate Brands Page]