This Man Actually Had Hairs Growing Out of His Eyeball

By Sam Gibbs on at

Now, I've seen my fair share of horrifying eye conditions, but this one takes the biscuit. It's not quite worm-in-the-eye Prometheus-style, but this poor bloke actually had long, super creepy, hairs growing directly out of his eyeball. Yuck.

The unfortunate 19-year-old Iranian man, as described in the New England Journal of Medicine, apparently had a rare type of tumour in his eye that he'd had since birth. The limbal dermoid mass grew hair, like many tumours can, causing issues for the poor chap. Something tells me he'd have had problems getting a date with that on his eyeball.

The tumour was, thankfully, safely excised, meaning the poor chap at least looks normal, even if the vision in his right eye will never be 20/20. I'm not sure what's worse, hair growing out of your eyeballs or bone? Ugh, both are super creepy. [NEJoM via DailyMail]