Top 10 shopping apps for the Note II

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When it comes to shopping on your mobile, the Samsung GALAXY Note II gives you the best experience thanks to its large HD Super AMOLED display and precise input from the S Pen.

We've put together a list of our ten favourite shopping applications for the Samsung GALAXY Note II and, luckily for you, they're all free, so get downloading now.



Amazon is one of the best known online retailers and its official app looks absolutely fantastic on the large screen of the GALAXY Note II.

It's easy to navigate and you can sweep through carousels of products with the S Pen, which also comes in handy when you need to click the smaller links such as delivery details and terms and conditions.

There's quick and simple access to your account and previous orders through the app, meaning you can control all aspects of your Amazon activity without having to visit the website.




Its famous catalogue has been described as 'the laminated book of dreams', but those fabled pages have now gone digital in the form of the official app.

The large, bright option areas make the Argos app a breeze to navigate with the S Pen, and the app happily fills the Note II's large display, with decent res pictures appearing sharp and clear, giving you a good idea of what each product looks like.




Why pay full price for something when you can play a fun bidding game and get a few quid knocked off?

eBay's mobile app may not have the big buttons of some other offerings, but thanks to the S Pen which comes with the Samsung GALAXY Note II that's not an issue and it's easy to hit what you want.

Entering a bid is simple too, with the S Pen allowing you to accurately type your required figure, without the worry that a podgy thumb may see you accidentally add an extra zero onto the end of it.




The Groupon app feels like it was almost made for the Samsung GALAXY Note II and the S Pen, with the large, bright images and sideway swiping panels meaning it's a match made in heaven.

Working happily in either portrait or landscape mode, you’ll find yourself skipping between discount offers, holiday deals and spa packages in no time at all, and you will save yourself a decent chunk of cash while you're at it.


Red Laser


Everyone likes to save money, so the Red Laser application is a must have for any frugal shopper out there.

Fire up the app on your GALAXY Note II and the HD Super AMOLED display becomes a high quality viewfinder using the 8MP camera round the back, allowing you to scan the bar codes of products to see if it's available for less elsewhere.

You can easily navigate round the intuitive application with the GALAXY Note II's S Pen, which makes snapping a barcode a cinch - handy as the scan button itself is small and difficult to hit if you've got large digits.


Hot UK Deals


Keeping on the money saving theme, Hot UK Deals allows users to post great deals they've found in store or online, highlighting discounts, multi-buys and even system glitches which will save you cash.

Use the S Pen to move around the app and you'll find it a pleasingly simple experience, with navigation options located at the bottom of the large screen on the GALAXY Note II for easy browsing.




Few people actually enjoy going food shopping so supermarkets are making it easier for us to get our groceries with online ordering and home delivery, and now all you need to complete your mobile supermarket sweep is your Samsung GALAXY Note II.

Tesco's Android application gives you a wealth of options on top of its excellent food ordering service, with recipes, cooking tips and Clubcard information all combined into the feature-packed app.

The S Pen comes in very handy with the Tesco app, allowing you to accurately select the products you want, the quantity and browse any offers associated with them.


Westfield (London/ Stratford)

London (Shepherds Bush)

Tired of all this digital shopping? Well why not head out to the shops with your Samsung GALAXY Note II helping to guide you through some of the biggest shopping centres in the country.

The Westfield brand has dedicated apps for its East and West London outfits, with detailed floor plans of the shops plus information on parking, transport links, offers, events and more.

The large screen on the GALAXY Note II means you can easily view the floor plans and the S Pen is on hand when it comes to prodding the smaller shops on the map to see what they are.




Google has its own answer when it comes to purchasing products on your mobile with its Shopper app, which uses the GPS housed inside the Samsung GALAXY Note II to look up popular products in your local area.

The large thumbnail images look beautiful on the Note II's 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display, and navigation is simple requiring a poke here and a prod there.




Shopping is hungry work, but luckily Dominos has an excellent Android application which is so easy to use on the GALAXY Note II it may well end up making you fat!

You can order anything from the menu for delivery or collection, with options to customise your pizzas, add sides and more. Plus, there's a cleverly designed carousel menu set up which lets you whiz through the options in next to no time, meaning you're never too far away from a pizza.



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