Twitter Should Really Get Its UK House In Order

By Gary Cutlack on at

After being fined for submitting its own UK tax records late, Twitter's TweetDeck subsidiary is facing being "struck off" the UK business register for continually failing to file its tax return. It has 99 days to avoid being "dissolved" by Companies House.

News of this shocking state of affairs comes via Sky News, which says TweetDeck has failed to meet two deadlines for submitting its tax records, has been fined twice, and now faces a "compulsory strike-off action" unless it can get its receipts together and off to Companies House within the next 99 days.

Given that Twitter has also raised some eyebrows with its rather low UK earnings declaration, you'd think the social giant would be in head down/out of trouble mode right now, rather than heaping additional problems on itself by missing yet more tax deadlines. [Sky News]