Forget 'Piston': Valve's Going to Sell Its Own 'Bigfoot' Steam Box With Fancy Biometric Controller

By Sam Gibbs on at

Gabe Newell isn't quite being the fountain of information we'd like him to be right now, but having been cornered by the Verge, he let slip a few choice details on the incoming Steam Box. Valve's going big here, and its plan is pretty console-killing ambitious.

First off, Valve will actually sell its own branded Steam Box, not just rely on Xi3 and others to produce PC boxes to a spec list. It'll come packing Linux, but it won't be locked down, as we've heard before, so you can install Windows on it if that's your thing.

Newell says that motion gaming is lame, and that what Valve's doing is all biometric. The controllers that ship with Valve's Steam Box will detect what your body is doing through a range of sensors. Also, eye-tracking seems to be a big thing for Newell, as he labelled it "super important" -- OK then.

Forget 'Piston' -- Valves internal code-name for its Steam Box is 'Bigfoot'. And apparently it'll be much more than just a PC-based console. It'll also allow you to use it as a server, with "eight televisions and eight controllers" all hooked up to it. Basically, a one box LAN party, which sounds kind of awesome.

Anyway, no really juicy details like when, where, how, and how much, but then, did you really expect that from CES? Wait for E3 and hopefully we'll get more out of the Half-life legends, but in the meantime, check out the rest of the interview over at [The Verge via Kotaku]