VIDEO: A Beginner's Guide to the Samsung GALAXY Note II

By Your Mobile Life on at

If you are the lucky owner of a brand new Samsung GALAXY Note II then you need to check out our handy Beginner's Guide video above, which details our picks of the top ten things all GALAXY Note II owners should test out on their new Samsung super-phone straight out of the box.

1. Watch a Movie on the 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED screen

Film fans might want to watch a Movie on the 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED screen, which provides a cinema-like viewing experience with its 16:9 clear and crisp widescreen display.

2. Take a Picture & personalize it with Photo Note

Keen snappers will certainly enjoy taking superb quality mobile pictures with the Note II’s eight-megapixel camera. And if you're keen to personalize your prized snaps then be sure to try out Photo Note, which lets you scribble down notes and messages on your favourite shots.

3. Use Idea Sketch to illustrate your everyday ideas

If you wish to convey an idea visually, then Samsung’s Idea Sketch feature on the Note II is an absolute godsend. Idea Sketch allows you to visualize your everyday ideas quickly and professionally. Simply write the name of the object you want to draw and a picture will automatically appear in your sketch - making diagrams and brainstorms a breeze.

4. Preview email, calendar and videos without screen changes

Instead of wasting valuable time opening and switching between your email, calendar and media apps, Samsung’s new Air View feature lets you quickly preview the content in each. By using Air View feature you can rapidly see information from, for example, your emails, calendar appointments or videos without the need to change in and out of multiple screens.

5. Enjoy more content on one screen using Multi Window

The expansive 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED screen on the GALAXY Note II is ideally designed for viewing several things at once. Multi Window lets you perform multiple tasks on the same screen at the same time. So for example, you can now make notes or send emails as you watch videos or browse the net.

6. Shoot amazing videos in slow and fast motion modes

Keen moviemakers and would-be Spielbergs and Scorseses will love the ability to shoot incredible footage on the Note II. No more boring videos thanks to the Note II. Use slow and fast motion modes on the device to capture and create unique memories in mini movie form.

7. Use Easy Clip to capture & share images that inspire

Clipping and sharing images from websites has never been as easy as it is with the Note II. With Easy Clip you can crop an image from any screen. Save it or simply share it. With this feature you can now capture inspiration where and whenever you find it.

8. Test out Paper Artist to transform your images

The Samsung GALAXY Note II is all about encouraging mobile creativity. Thanks to Paper Artist you can now create new and unique images in a matter of seconds, meaning even the most mundane photos can excite and entertain on the Note II.

9. Create the perfect photo using Best Face

Taking great portrait shots and truly memorable pictures of your friends and family is an art. Be sure to test out Best Face on the Note II. This clever camera feature helps you capture only the best pics, meaning no more strange or awkward faces in your spontaneous mobile masterpieces.

10. Visualize the month ahead in S Planner

Updating your calendar with handwritten notes about forthcoming work meetings and social gatherings is a cinch. Paint, perfect and personalize your appointments on the Note II. Using the enhanced S Pen you can now bring to life your monthly calendar with handwritten notes in S Planner.