Virgin Wants to Sell You Duty-Free Artwork On Its Planes

By Chris Mills on at

Films for your in-flight entertainment? That's for the plebs, daahling. No, for real classy onboard diversions to compliment your caviar and bubbly, you want an art gallery. Always one to cater to the discerning champagne-swizzling first-class passenger, Virgin Atlantic is adding actual, real-life art galleries to some upper-class lounges.

The plan is to bung artwork by apparently-well-known London street artist Ben Eine into the upper-class lounges of Virgin Atlantic planes flying the London-New York route. Well-heeled passengers -- and they'll need to have heels of freakin' gold to afford a first-class ticket and a £15,000 painting -- can then buy the paintings in-flight, though there's no word on whether it floats out the baggage carousel at the other end, or if you have to hump the massive canvases along the travelator.

It's a decent business idea -- normally punters can escape art galleries, but in this case they're stuck there for the whole flight. Maybe people will buy the art just to get it off the wall. In any case, it's all part of Virgin Atlantic's £100 million investment in upper-class cabins, adding a much-needed touch of class after the Virgin brand's 'rapey' Christmas adverts. For any wealthy punters, the artwork will be on display from the 1st to 28th of February. [Daily Mail]