Vodafone Starts Selling "Nearly New" Used Smartphones

By Gary Cutlack on at

Vodafone's found a new way of reducing the cost of owning one of today's high-end smartphones -- selling used ones for a discount.

The network's "Nearly New" scheme will cover both PAYG and pay monthly contracts, with the network claiming the average high-end smartphone will cost up to £155 less if you punt for a used model on a PAYG deal. There's not really much of a catch, either, as these models come with a 12 month warranty on PAYG contracts and 24 months if you're on a contract.

The deals are available now in store and should start to appear online next week. Due to the random nature of returns and refurbs, stock will vary depending to what's come back in. Don't expect any mammoth savings, mind, as Vodafone's boasting that a Galaxy S III for £33 a month is the sort of deal you can expect.