Watch Hulu, American Netflix, CBS, and Fox in the UK With Hola

By Sam Gibbs on at

Want to break that pesky region lock and watch American TV streaming services in the UK? You've got another option. Hola promises to let you watch Hulu, American Netflix, CBS, Fox, and even stream Pandora, all with a simple, free browser plug-in or app. As easy as a single click.

Like Media Hint, Hola can be installed as a simple Chrome or Firefox extension, but there's also a dedicated Windows app should you want to use another browser. It apparently works by using a kind of p2p-come-proxy solution, which sounds a bit like voodoo to me, but has seemingly racked-up over £11 million in investment.

Anyway, if you want to watch the likes of Hulu and American Netflix, or iPlayer when you're outside the confines of Blighty, then Hola promises to sort you out. [Hola via TNW]