Watch This Cockroach Twitter-Puppet Dance For Its Digital Overlords

By Chris Mills on at

Dance, Twitter-Roach, Dance! If you're a big insect rights campaigner, look away now. An evil supervillain masquerading as an "artist" is finding new and convoluted ways to control (using Twitter no less) insect minions to do her dastardly bidding.

The project, undertaken by a US artist called Brittany Ransom, involved hooking a cockroach up to a RoboRoach Arduino backpack, which is connected to both the 'roach's nervous system and Twitter. Then, people would tweet #TweetRoachLeft or #TweetRoachRight, and make the unfortunate insect turn in circles.

Supposedly, the project is to do with finding out if cockroaches, like humans, can be overloaded by the sheer amount of stuff on Twitter. I'm not persuaded though. I think Ms Ransom just wants to be an evil overlord with an army of Twitter-powered cockroaches, taking over the world one hashtag at a time. [Brittany Ransom via io9]