What Do You Think of ITV's New Child-Like Logo?

By Sam Gibbs on at

ITV's just launched its total rebrand, the biggest change to the UK's second biggest broadcaster in the last 12 years, and it's not exactly gone over well. The critical response has been pretty much universally bad, but what do you think? Has ITV just become hip, or is a logo that looks like a child practicing joined-up writing the embodiment of fail?

The new logo isn't the only change. ITV1 has gone, replaced with the revolutionary 'ITV'. Yep, a single digit change that clearly makes all the difference. For what its worth, I never really liked ITV's previous logo, especially the ITV Player logo. But then, I have a lot of hate for that advert-riddled mess of a catch-up player, on the PS3 at least.

Glorious, colourful, modern, and awesome? Or crap, child-like, who-on-Earth-paid-for-that rubbish? You decide. [ITV via Creative Bloq]

Bonus, here are the weird new idents ITV's using to advertise its new logo to the world.