80-Bloody-Quid: What the Hell Is Asus Playing At? (Updated)

By Sam Gibbs on at

Rip-off Britain in full force again. Remember that fabled Nexus 7 dock, which Asus is taking an absolute age to ship? Guess how much of a premium we're going to have to pay in the UK over our American cousins? £54. Yep, £79 in the UK, £25 in the US, according to the Verge at least. What the hell Asus?

OK, so that's without adding the requisite sales tax in the US, but it's literally three-bloody-times as much in the UK than it is in the US. How on Earth can Asus possibly justify that? I know we're used to getting the expensive end of the stick, but hell, that's far, far more than even a straight $ to £ symbol swap.

£79 for a freaking dock, which just charges the thing via microUSB and spits out audio via a 3.5mm jack. I can see Asus having a massive seller on its hands, if that genuinely is the price of the thing when it lands over here. Thanks for nothing Asus. [The Verge]

Update: Asus has just got in touch to clarify a few things. Apparently there's some confusion over docks, and the good news is that there is a cheaper dock coming our way.

So, the dock above, which is $40 in the US, is refreshingly going to cost £25 in the UK and should be available to purchase online by the end of next week. So, thanks for something, Asus.

According to Asus, the confusion probably comes over there supposedly being two versions of said dock: one plain and simple charge stand, pictured above, and one all-singing all-dancing dock. The do-it-all dock, which presumably throws video out and other bits and pieces into the mix, should be in the £80 range, but it's unknown whether this variant is actually going to be released or not. Perhaps someone on the show floor has more information than they should.

Image credit: Money from Shutterstock