Where and When Can You Get Your Hands on BB10?

By Chris Mills on at

Let's just say that you've been really impressed by what BB10 has to offer, and you're willing to make that two-year union of man and Blackberry a reality. Here's how you can sell your soul away to RIM BlackBerry.



The Z10 is £29 on a £42/month Red contract (means you'll have the device for a year); £47 gets you the Z10 for free.



The Z10 is £50 on a £41/month 4G plan with a two-year contract. (1GB of data, in case you're interested.)



The Z10 is £50 on a £36/month non-4G plan with a two-year contract. Or, you can get it on a £15/month two-year plan if you fork out precisely £166.67. Riiiight.



The Z10 free from £36/month on two-year contract (price only guaranteed for two years). O2 are also selling it unlocked for £480.



Three has confirmed it'll carry the Z10 devices; no pricing or availability as of yet.

Apart from Three, all the networks should have the Z10 on sale starting tomorrow (black version only, sadly). While all of the networks have confirmed that they'll carry the Z10, it seems like no-one's interested in the Qwerty Q10 version yet; we'll likely know more about that when the Q10 launches in 6-8 weeks.