Xperia Z Has the Keys to Sony's Media Treasure Chest

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When you buy Sony's Xperia Z, you're not just getting a phone in a box and finding yourself left to your own devices. You're getting a packed ecosystem raring to go, with everything already onboard to make watching, listening and managing all your media super simple from day one.

Sony's been offering comprehensive video and music streaming software for quite some time now, with both its Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited subscription services accessible through the Xperia Z. This means instant access to a vast catalogue of films and music direct from Sony, with downloaded movies looking awesome on the stunning 5" BRAVIA display -- and your tunes sounding better than ever thanks to the Xperia Z xLoud music amplification tools.

Sony also makes identifying bass sounds throbbing through your wall from next door easy, thanks to its TrackID system. This records a sample of whatever music you can hear (even if it's playing on the phone's internal FM radio), then pings it off to a server for recognition. The app than comes back the name of the track, complete with an integrated shopping service that lets you easily buy the song, like the song on Facebook and download it straight to your phone. Easy.

This shopping stuff is handled through Sony's own PlayNow store, which, as well as music singles and albums, offers access to apps, wallpapers and more, complete with the option to have any paid content billed straight to your mobile account.

There's one other big plus for mobile gamers here too, in the form of PlayStation Certification. This means the Xperia Z is granted access to Sony's PlayStation Mobile service, a standalone portal that offers stacks of classic and exclusive games ready to play on the phone, complete with Miracast screen mirroring for pairing your device with a big TV and gaming on the lounge telly.