Yes, the BlackBerry Z10 Is 4G in the UK, But There's a Problem

By Sam Gibbs on at

So, BlackBerry's finally pushed a new flagship out, and like any good flagship phone it's packing LTE. In fact, it's available on 4G right now, thanks to EE. The most interesting thing, however, is it'll also potentially support the other UK networks' 4G -- Vodafone calls it "4G-ready" -- but, there's one small issue: Only one of our UK 4G auction bands is actually supported.

Having a quick butchers at the official specifications listed by BlackBerry in the UK for its shiny new Z10, which launches today by the way, shows that it'll happily support EE's 1800MHz LTE band. That's great, another 4G phone you can buy right now. Even better is that it also supports the 2.6GHz band that seven different providers are duking it out over right this minute.

BlackBerry Z10 specs

The problem is, the UK LTE landscape isn't just 1800MHz and 2.6GHz -- the official 4G auction is also selling off the tasty 800MHz band. That's the one that will likely be most hotly contested because it has the potential to provide a greater network coverage footprint from fewer masts. The 800MHz frequency, in theory, should go further in open space, and penetrate deeper into buildings, meaning you get LTE coverage everywhere.

If the Z10 really does only support UK 4G on the 1800 and 2600MHz bands and not the 800MHz band, it might make getting an LTE lock outside of cities a bit of an issue, even if your network actually has full 800MHz-powered 4G signal out there. So, while this might just be a slip-up on the tech-specs side of BlackBerry's site, something tells me the "4G-ready" Z10 might be gimped when it comes to full UK 4G support. [BlackBerry]