You Will Spend 43 Days on Hold in Your Life

By Casey Chan on at

What's a reasonable time to be put on hold when you call customer service? A few minutes? Five? Ten? Well all those minutes add up because over a course of a lifetime, the average person will be on hold for 43 days. Yeah. Forty. Three. Days.

It's nuts. TalkTo, a company that allows people to text businesses for help, and ResearchNow found that more than half of the people they surveyed spend 10-20 minutes per week on hold (that seems like a lot). Add that up and that's 13 hours per year and 43 days over an average life. I'm never going to waste my time calling customer service again!

Personally, I probably only contact customer service once a month (if that). That means roughly 2 hours of being put on hold a year. Which is probably about 4 days of my life being wasted away to cracking elevator music and a soothingly annoying voice telling me to get a home phone service as part of the triple play package. That sure beats 43 so okay, not as bad. [TalkTo via Huffington Post, Neatorama Image Credit: jcjgphotography (Shutterstock)]