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The Samsung GALAXY Note II brings innovation to the smartphone space that no other device can: thanks to the large and expansive screen, the unique S Pen and the stunning hardware, nothing can match up.

But we all know it's as much about the content on our devices these days as the phones themselves, which is why the huge range of apps, both pre-loaded by Samsung and available through dedicated Apps portals from Samsung and Google, will quickly become crucial to your daily use.

For instance, you can whip up a masterpiece in no time at all using the Paper Artist app, or delve into a world of books, magazines or papers with the Reading Hub. Need to plan a meeting and check out where to meet? S Planner has you covered, combining neatly with Google Maps to offer a truly immersive experience, whether you’re planning a business trip or a social gathering.

"I was glad to see that S Note makes pretty good use of the S Pen, and makes a solid note-taking app for when diagrams or sketches are needed," said Will Andrews, a freelance writer. Williams also pointed out that he loved the ability to record sound when taking notes with the app, meaning he could record interviews and play them back while seeing the words written, making it easy to keep track of the key quotes.

"On top of this I love the plethora of social networking apps, with the familiarity of apps I'm used to winning me over to the Samsung family without having to wonder if all my old favourites would be on there," he added.


Making connections

Social networking is one of the most popular pastimes on a smartphone, and the integration of the likes of Facebook, Twitter and ChatON on the Samsung GALAXY Note II are just a few of the highlights of the device.

Firstly, you can get reams of information on the generous HD screen, meaning you'll never miss a news story or update when you’re scanning through on the go – and the long-lasting battery life offers the chance to stay chatting to friends long after they’re reaching for the charger.

On top of this users are finding that the seamless ability to move between work and play is a real boon when it comes to using the Samsung GALAXY Note II.

"People often ask where I get my inspiration when they see me sketching, but in truth they're the product of loads of ideas I've jotted down over a few days," says Louise Kelley, a graphical designer.

"I find that Paper Artist is the app that I’ve been using the most, as it allows me to take a picture of an object and really bring it to life with the S Pen.

"I've even had one Paper Artist sketch, which I used the Cashmere effect on, framed!"

Louise adds that she loved being able to take ideas and apply new effects with Paper Artist, giving her new ideas on pictures that might have initially seemed fairly limited. And given that the app comes pre-installed on the GALAXY Note II, you can see why it's becoming an increasingly popular tool among designers.


All work and no play...

But we all know that it’s more than just work when it comes to using our smartphones – after all, we don't invest in such a powerful device to only use it between the hours of 9 and 5, right?

That's why the superbly powerful graphical processor, combined with innovative features like the gyroscope, make gaming on the go with the GALAXY Note II an awesome experience.

Imagine being transported to an alien world and seeing through the eyes of one of the deadliest warriors – and better yet, instead of swiping a finger across the screen to aim a gun, you swivel the phone itself! N.O.V.A 3 is one of the most immersive games on the Android Market, and is perfect for use with the large screen of the Samsung GALAXY Note II.

Or perhaps you consider yourself more of casual gamer, cramming in some downtime every day waiting for the train. In that case, a classic title like Fruit Ninja or Cut the Rope is perfect for you, with the S Pen taking the precise swipes you need exactly where you want to go.

And there's another title that every GALAXY Note II user should be checking out: Osmos HD, which combines relaxing orbs, a clever gravity engine and relaxing music to provide a world to just drift away into. The HD graphics are perfectly complemented by the Note II's high resolution screen, and the plethora of levels makes it a game you can play again and again.

There are thousands more apps out there to be discovered, and your GALAXY Note II is just the portal you need to find a new favourite game or app that can speed up your daily life and give you time to do the things you love.



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