Your Sky Broadband Utter Crap? It's Because Sky Got Too Greedy

By Sam Gibbs on at

Your Sky "broadband" reduced to a snail's pace recently? You're not the only one -- Sky's been forced to admit that it's totally over-sold its broadband in quite a few areas of Britain, meaning far too many of us are trying to force data down the pipes, basically reducing everything to a crawl.

Decent broadband is the life-blood of any a modern gadget fiend. Slow speeds, crappy service, and sky-high prices can leave you living in what feels like the Stone Age. And that's what happens when your node gets over subscribed.

I personally suffered the same thing with Virgin in central London, too many people connected to one node. The trouble is, the only way to solve the problem is to eject subscribers or to put in more capacity, which means digging up roads and that takes forever.

For what its worth, Sky's said that node overload is only affecting a limited number of exchanges, but that's absolutely no comfort if you happen to be stuck on one of them:

"Following a combination of an underlining increase in network traffic as well as an especially high rate of new customer additions, we are aware of capacity issues in a limited number of exchanges."

You can check to see if your exchange is borked using Sky's service checker, but if your broadband slows to glacial speeds during peak hours, I'm afraid you're kind of stuck with it for the time being. Sorry. [The Register]

Image credit: Snail from Shutterstock