4G Will Be Affordable: Three's Going to Offer 4G LTE in the UK For No Extra Cost

By Sam Gibbs on at

Three's just done something totally awesome for the UK's 4G roll out. It's come out and said on-record that it'll make 4G LTE available at no extra cost to its customers. You'll be able to get 4G from Three on any of its existing or new plans without having to pay any more to go faster, and that's awesome.

Basically, Three considers LTE as an extension to its "Ultrafast" network. In reality, Three's talking about the latest evolution of 3G called DC-HSDPA. So, if you've got a compatible handset, come Three's 4G switch-on, then you'll be able to grab those sweet, sweet LTE waves without having to pay a penny more.

"LTE will be available as standard with all customers’ price plans when the roll-out begins later this year."

Of course, Three bought a chunk of 1800MHz LTE-capable spectrum from EE a while back, and that's what the network's initially going to use to provide 4G signals. Three is also bidding in the 800MHz and 2.6GHz spectrum auction that's going on right now, so hopefully it'll come away with some more waves to extend its network capacity.

As for those looking to pick the right phone for all this "ultrafast" and LTE-goodness, here's what Three has to say:

"Customers with Ultrafast ready devices, including the Apple iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 920, Sony Xperia Z, Apple iPad mini and Apple iPad with Retina display, can already enjoy Three’s Ultrafast network and will also be able to use the 1800Mhz spectrum when it is added later this year. Device choice is growing rapidly with new Ultrafast ready LTE versions of the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II being launched on Three within the next month, and the BlackBerry Z10 launching mid-February."

There's no doubt EE's 4G network is awesome, but it's pricing, well, isn't. Fair enough, EE's got a monopoly on 4G in the UK at the moment, but with Three going the route of no-premium-for-LTE then 4G might actually be affordable in the near future. Of course, we have to wait, probably until late Summer for Three to be in a position to actually start pumping out those blazing 4G waves, but hell, maybe this'll force the other networks into doing the same? [Three]

Image credit: Three from Shutterstock