A Bunch of Bargain-Basement SSDs Are Your Instant-Turbo-Charged-Computer Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Did you know that today is National Hard Drive Day? Well it is, because we just decided that it is, so shut up. Appropriately, here's some top-notch hard drive and SSD bargains that we've found to help celebrate the big day.

Solid state drives are where it's at these days. They're as reliable as a hard drive gets, plus you can fry an egg on one. Or something. If you fancy some of that action, a 256GB Sandisk one is currently only £119.99, while the 120GB version is available for the more purse-happy £52.98. Elsewhere, there's a 1TB portable USB 3.0 hard drive from WD for just £51.79 delivered. Happy Hard Drive Day -- may all your data be safely stored!


Today's Bonus Dealz:

- Sucker Punch (Blu-ray) -- only £4.19.
- Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package (PC) -- just £6.85.
- Raspberry Pi case -- £2.88 delivered.
- Dell Inspiron 17" laptop -- only £341.10.
- Boardwalk Empire (Season One, Blu-ray) -- just £14.95.
- Hitman HD Trilogy Collection (Xbox 360/PS3) -- just £14.98.
- Star Trek XI (limited edition steelbook, Blu-ray) -- yours for £14.99.
- Halo 4 (Xbox 360) -- only £19.49.
- HTC Windows Phone 8S (SIM-free) -- just £159.95.
- 64GB Blackberry PlayBook -- 10 per cent off at just £116.10.

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