A Facebook Bug Pretty Much Took Down the Entire Internet

By Casey Chan on at

If you thought the Internet freaked out for a little bit and every site you went to was down, you're not alone. Major websites were down: CNN, Huffington Post, ESPN, Gawker, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, etc. were all broken. Why? Because of a glitch with Facebook.

Developers at Gawker said that the glitch started with Facebook Connect, basically anywhere a 'Like' button was loaded the website was borked. The bug would redirect any site to Facebook and bring up an error page. Logging out of Facebook was the only way to solve the problem (since Facebook's Like button is everywhere). Luckily, Facebook caught wind of the problem and has fixed the issue.

A little bit scary to think that one measly Like button can destroy the entire Internet, isn't it?