A Wheelbarrow of Cheap Xbox 360 and PS3 Games Is Today's Del Boy Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Lord Sir Alan Sugar famously launched his business empire by buying a van; getting a load of stuff, and flogging it. A few years later, he was a billionaire. Simple.

Now you can do the same, and you won’t even need a van -- probably just a wheelbarrow. As for your stock, well, there’s a MAHOOSIVE range of cut-price games to be had right now for Xbox 360 and PS3, with all of them under a fiver and prices starting as low as 98p. Okay, so they’re not the latest titles, but if you dress up as imagined superhero Wheelbarrow Game Man and flog them to schoolchildren through the playground railings, you’ll soon be a billionaire like Lord Sir Alan. Or something.


Today's Bonus Dealz:

- Star Wars Original Trilogy (Blu-ray) – just £21.98 delivered.
- Crucial m4 256GB mSATA SSD – only £137.55.
- Xbox Live 800 Points – yours for £5.99.
- Star Wars Trilogy (Blu-ray, original and prequel) – only £29.99 each.
- Over 1,000 games available at low prices (digital download)
- Panasonic 50" plasma TV – just £406.96.
- WD Elements portable 320GB hard drive - only £19.99.
- F-Zero (SNES, Wii U download) only 30p.
- Versus Touchtab 7 8GB – yours for £49.

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