Any of These PS4 Controllers Take Your Fancy?

By Sam Gibbs on at

After Sony basically stoked the rumour fire with a teaser and event on February 20th, the speculation of what, when, and how has been flowing faster than the river Nile. But one thing remains as clear as mud, what the controller will actually look like. Do any of these photoshops take your fancy?

Produced by Photoshoppers much more skilled than I, from NeoGAF, these mock-ups picture what the PS4's controller could look like. Who knows if it really will look like any of these, but apparently it'll have some sort of touch-sensitive surface somewhere, similar to the PS Vita. Hell, for all we know the PS4's controller could actually be a Vita. We'll hopefully find out on the 20th. [NeoGAF via Kotaku]