Apparently People Pay £100,000 For Whale Vomit

By Chris Mills on at

Beachcombers, you've been doing it wrong. Forget trying to find washed-up bits of wood or tin cans 'n stuff, and just do what this Lancashire dog walker did: find a chunk of genuine vomit (side note: eeeeeeewwwwwwwww), and then sell it to a very unlikely industry for a whopping 100 grand. Nice.

Whale-sick like this is better known as ambergris, and its unique scent make it valuable to perfume-makers. So valuable, in fact, that there are estimates of £100,000 floating around for the 3kg lump. A French firm has already approached the lucky dude with an offer for 50,000 euros, but he's waiting for a better valuation before cashing in. Still, £30,000 for a kilo of whale vomit. Petrol's looking pretty cheap now ain't it? [Telegraph]