Apparently You Can Buy a House for Just £1 in Liverpool

By Sam Gibbs on at

House prices are simply insane in most of the country -- if you happen to live anywhere near a city, good luck trying to save for a deposit. But what if I told you you could buy a whole house for just £1?

After a regeneration zone effort totally failed in the Liverpudlian area of the 'Granby Triangle', the city bosses have proposed to flog off clusters of houses to residents at just £1 a pop. The catch is that you have to renovate the property, but you'd probably end up doing that anyway.

Apparently this kind of cut-price sell-off has happened elsewhere and worked. So, want to get your feet on the housing ladder? Snap up a bargain and grab yourself your first home, or two. I mean, anyone can afford a house at a quid a shot, right? [Metro]

Image credit: Terrace from Shutterstock