Apparently You'll Just Be Able to Shout at Your Xbox to Turn It On

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Xbox rumours are flowing thick and fast at the moment, with the latest report stating that Microsoft's going all-in with voice recognition, allowing you to simply walk in the room and shout "Xbox on" to fire the thing up. It's even going to go all Siri-like on us too, let's just hope it's a tad more useful in the UK than Apple's poor-excuse-for-butler.

Natural language controls are rumoured, so you'll be able to command the thing without having to learn set phrases (apart from maybe, errr, "Xbox on"?), and you'll be able to dictate text too, which would probably be the best thing to happen to in-game messaging ever.

Of course, take this all as purely rumour and conjecture for the moment, as who knows whether this is on the money or not. It does make sense from an expansion-of-Kinect point of view, though, but until Microsoft busts out a Durango, Xbox 720, or whatever it ends up being called, hopefully at E3, we won't know for sure.

What do you reckon? Would you actually use the voice-control features if they turn out to be true, or would it be yet another feature you ignore completely because it's simply quicker to bust out a few button presses than shout at the thing? [The Verge via CVG]