Apple Patents Bendy, Self-Powering, Bracelet Sci-Fi Smart Watch

By Gary Cutlack on at

If we saw this piece of futurist fantasy on Kickstarter we'd laugh at the absurdity of its claims, but this isn't the dream of a random madman. It's Apple's latest patent, which describes a twisty, bendy smart watch that connects to a larger device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The patent itself says Apple's dreaming of making some sort of self-powering device complete with the type of kinetic charger found in today's high-end watches. As well as that, Apple's patent for a "Bi-Stable Spring With Flexible Display" comes with bendable tech that shapes itself to fit the user's wrist, locking into position like a sci-fi communications bracelet.

On the tech side of things, Apple says this would combine flexible steel bands with an embedded bendy display encircling the entire device, with on-board gyroscopes orientating the content of the display to make it readable. Apple even suggests it could feature a touchscreen, making it a mobile's music controller or a way to reply to text messages without having to sigh and get your phone out of its pocket. [Apple Insider via Engadget]