Apple's Sir Jony Ive Awarded the Exclusive Gold Blue Peter Badge

By Sam Gibbs on at

Lucky sod, Sir Jony Ive has just been awarded the highest accolade possible, the exclusive goldenĀ Blue Peter badge. He might as well give up now; he'll never top that.

In a special gadget-focussed episode of Blue Peter, which is scheduled to air tomorrow morning, 10am on CBBC if you're interested, Sir Ive reviews a load of viewer-submitted product designs. Not only that, the minimalist-design wizard also busts out a unique, solid aluminium Blue Peter badge CNCed out of a block of the Apple-loved stuff, and presents it in good old Blue Peter-fashion with "here's one we made earlier". Oh Jony, you're a right riot.

Ive joins only a handful of iconic British industrialists in winning his golden Blue Peter badge, with the likes of David Beckham, JK Rowling, Tom Daley, Damian Hirst, and The Queen already on the list. I say only a handful, apparently they've given out about 1,000 of the things, so they're dolled out more or less like penny sweets, then.

Anyway, Sir Ive seemed to be stoked, as he called the honour of receiving said golden trinket, "absolutely incredible". In fact, if I'm not mistaken, he even gets a little emotional over the whole thing, which is kind of nice. Jack it in now Jony, it's only down hill from here mate. [BBC]