Asus Ditching Nvidia for Cheap Intel-Powered Nexus 7 Clone?

By Gary Cutlack on at

New rumours about the near future of Asus have surfaced, claiming it's preparing a cheaper own-brand version of the Nexus 7 running on Intel's more affordable Atom chipset.

According to tech site Slashgear's amalgamation of current thinking, the device more formally known as the Asus ME371MG is a forthcoming 7" tablet from Asus which is set to be powered by the chip company's Z2420 single-core Atom processor. This is Intel's new budget mobile solution, which it recently launch in African territories inside the oddly named Yolo phone.

The rest of the spec sheet for the ME371MG of whatever it ends up being called claims it'll come with 1GB of RAM, a 1280 x 800 resolution display, dual cameras and the joy that is an SD card slot for expansion.

The Intel chips still have a few app compatibility issues when running Android, particularly when it comes to using apps developed using Adobe's Air platform. A slow Nexus 7 clone with the odd broken app is hardly going to appeal to Android fans. Not unless it's £49.99 or less. [Slashgear]