BA Develops New Mile-High Tea Bag for Ultimate In-Air Refreshment

By Gary Cutlack on at

The amazing innovations in complex modern tea-baggery continue, with airline BA teaming up with tea specialist Twinings to develop a special blend that takes into account the variations in taste and temperatures experienced while scooting about 30,000 feet up in the sky.

There is actually some proper science behind it, too. The concept is to make a tea that manages to release more of its flavour at a low temperature, taking into account the fact that BA's boilers only heat water to a mere 89 degrees rather than the full boiling point we obtain from our traditional terrestrial kettles, and the way our taste sensations are restricted by cabin pressure.

Twinings is supplying BA with special, massive bags designed to fit the three-pint pots it uses on flights, so, sadly, there won't be any changes in brewing machinery. The British Airways signature blend tea launched throughout the airline on February 1st, so it ought to have been thoroughly beta tested by the time you jet off somewhere this summer. [The Economist]

Image credit: In-flight drinks from Shutterstock