Bake Up an LCD Display Cake With This Pixelated Pan

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If you're an amateur baker who's mastered the sheet cake, this alphanumeric grid pan will let you take your creations one step further by turning them into low-res numbers and letters. All you need to do is arrange the included square metal duividers to create negative spaces in the pan that form characters.

You can spell out someone's entire name as an awesome birthday gift, or just go the lazy route and only bake a cake for their age. And don't forget, the £28.50 pan probably works just as well for creating celebratory meat loaf, or jelly moulds. The possibilities are—well—that's pretty much it. But with careful planning, you could even go as far as to bake up versions of your favourite 8-bit video game characters. [Amazon via 7Gadgets]