Barnes & Noble Might Give Up On the Nook

By Brian Barrett on at

According to the New York Times, struggling American bookmonger Barnes & Noble might be about to shelve its Nook. The problem is one more common to physical books than tablets: nobody's buying them.

The Nook's not going to disappear entirely, even if Barnes & Noble disengages from the hardware side of things. According to the NYT, the company's instead considering cutting its losses and focusing on content deals with Microsoft, Samsung, and other companies with more tablet clout. And while it might keep B&N from hemorrhaging much more money, it's also a very large white flag, though, and an early signal that there tablet and ereader pie isn't big enough for everyone to have a slice.

Considering we had to wait so long to see the Nook here in the UK, does that mean we might see the Nook cut from store shelves after our American cousins? Probably doesn't work that way, we're guessing. [NYT]