BBC Forcing Poor Old Sir David Attenborough to go on Twitter

By Gary Cutlack on at

After proudly serving the nation for 1,000 years and informing us about the sex lives of beetles, whales, elephants and butterflies, Sir David Attenborough is about to face humiliation at the hands of the BBC -- it's making him sit down and go on Twitter. For a whole hour.

The famous naturalist with the reassuring whisper will be forcibly sat down in front of a computer for one hour on Wednesday February 6th, when a young researcher more versed in the ways of the internet will make him answer incredibly stupid user-submitted questions about his latest series Africa.

If you'd like to poke a question in the great wild man's direction, it'll be organised through the BBC accounts of @bbcnature and @bbcone, with the hashtag #AskAttenborough also doing the job. You can also email and Facebook your questions for someone with a computer to read out to him and transcribe the response.

Don't bother asking him what his favourite animal is, though, as he's already answered that one many times before. It's the humble golden retriever. Sir Dave goes live online at 1.00pm tomorrow. [BBC]