Best Apps for the Sports Fan on the GALAXY Note II

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With the Six Nations Rugby about to kick off another packed year of sport, you might wonder how you can fit it all in.

The Samsung GALAXY Note II makes the ideal companion for the sports fan, enabling you to keep track of your favourite sports on its 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display, show off your wildest tactical theories and even order a take-away so you don’t miss a second of the action. Here is our pick of the best apps for the armchair sports fan.


Sports Radio


If there is a sporting event taking place somewhere in the world then you can bet that one of the hundreds of radio stations found in this app will be covering it.

A huge selection of US, Canadian and European sports radio networks as well as lots of Shoutcast-powered internet radio stations all dedicated to sports commentary and discussion.


RBS 6 Nations


The official app of the Six Nations tournament. This works as both a second-screen companion for when you are watching a match and as a way of keeping track of the tournament when you can't get to a TV.

News, stats, a complete fixture list with match reminders and live commentary with video highlights* will keep you involved with the Six Nations wherever you are.




Whether you are watching the Champions league, Six Nations Rugby, Formula 1 or have a load of mates over to watching the World Tiddly Winks Cup the last thing you want to do is leave the front room and miss out on the action.

With a couple of taps or swipes of the S Pen, Hungry House will order food from one of hundreds of participating takeaways and restaurants and get it delivered to your door.


Sky Sports TV

Free (with subscription)

The GALAXY Note II's generous screen real estate is ideal for watching video so why not really put it to good use? This free app needs a subscription of £4.99 but once you pay up you get all four Sky Sports channels streamed directly to your phone alongside Sky Sports F1, ESPN, Sky Sports News, At The Races and Sky News.

That's 115 Premier League games, full PGA Golf, F1 and US Open Tennis coverage and a lot more, wherever you have a Wi-Fi signal. If you already subscribe to Sky Sports, you get it all free.


The Master Tactician Pro


"Yes, Alex Ferguson may win the odd match but his tactics are crucially flawed, as I shall now demonstrate.."

This app is a godsend for the armchair tactician. You may never have managed a club professionally, but one day perhaps the FA will come to realise what they lost when they passed over you for the job of England manager.

The Master Tactician turns the GALAXY Note II's expansive screen into a professional-quality tactics board that will allow you to illustrate your fondly-held footballing theories. A must for helping settle heated post-match debates.


F1 2013 Timing App Premium


Pricey? Yes, but if you love F1 then this app can put you right inside over 130 hours of racing in the 2013 season. For the money you get live timing updates with detailed stats about the cars' status including tyre info, race control messages and more.

You can follow precise car positioning on a rotatable 3D map of each circuit and select vantage points along the track as if you were there or follow a single car around as you get a live text commentary.




The UK's biggest commercial sports station now has an Android app that serves as a live radio player as well as a 'second screen' (ok, first screen really) for extra info while you listen.

As well as live and archived broadcasts you get comprehensive sports news and quick access to video clips on talkSPORT's YouTube channel.


Yahoo Cricket


Yahoo's cricket app is packed with the latest news, facts and figures about the game of cricket with extensive match coverage from around the world.

The app offers ball-by-ball commentary or just match highlights as well as extensive detail on international teams and pretty much everything you would want to know about what is happening in the cricketing world.


Air Horn and Vuvuzela


Been frisked for noisemakers before the game? Worry not, you can still irritate opposing fans/your own friends and family with the best of them thanks to this app which offers a choice of Air Horn, Vuvuzela and full-on Fog Horn with which to show your approval.


Football Manager 2013


Think you know better than your club's manager? Well then step this way and try your luck. Football Manager 2013 is addictive, nuanced and full of deep strategic gameplay that will test your every footballing instinct.


* Video Highlights – enjoy those crucial match-turning moments in each game of the Championship with clips streamed to your device over your 3G/Wireless connection.

Please note that due to broadcasting rights in some territories, video highlights for the RBS 6 Nations may not be available.  


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