Bizarre Google Glass Imitator Golden-i Dramatised in YouTube Cyber Thriller

By Gary Cutlack on at

This is the weirdest video you'll see today, barring any German pornography you might be saving for the evening. It's a promotional thriller created to promote the Golden-i augmented reality headset, which, its makers claim, could allow police to apprehend bad people like never before.

The promo video, put together by UK consultancy Ikanos, makes some bold yet vague claims about how the AR glasses and their Golden-i Operating System could be used by the police of the future, offering such sci-fi delights as number plate and face recognition results beamed straight to the officer's HUD, plus the ability to track suspects around gloomy warehouses via some sort of infrared sensor. Although it all looks a little like it's quite far off actually making it to the real world just yet.

The video looks more like the maker's James Bond fantasy, or an episode of The Bill from the year 2026. Worth a watch, though, as is an earlier and even more serious promo for a paramedic version of the hardware. [YouTube via Daily Mail]