BT Rolls Into Cloud Storage

By Chris Mills on at

Apparently, the world doesn't have enough cloud storage, but never fear, British Telecom is on hand to sort that out. They're rolling out cloud storage to their loyal customers, in sizes ranging from laughably-puny to almost-worth-it.

The storage comes packaged as part of 'BT Cloud', and is in 2GB and 50GB flavours, depending on what internet package you're on. BT have felt the need to patronisingly explain this storage in terms of songs, (500 or 12500) because MP3 files are such a better unit of size than gigabytes. Of note, there are also iOS and Android apps for the service, so at least you'll be able to get at ALL 500 of your songs on the move.

BT have also implied that they're not going to tolerate pirated stuff being stored in your cloud locker, stating that it "doesn't support activities which infringe the copyrights of the holder". Frankly, though, you're not likely to care, because there's pretty much no reason to choose this over DropBox or SugarSync or SkyDrive or iCloud or Google Drive or anything else. I mean, I guess it's a nice enough move on BT's part, but the 2GB plan is so titchy as to be completely pointless. [TechRadar]

Image credit: Clouds from Shutterstock