BT Says There Is No Broadband Bandwidth Problem and Dumps Its Data Caps

By Sam Gibbs on at

Here's an interesting move from BT. While most others are complaining there's an issue with the amount of data we're all rapidly consuming, enforcing traffic shaping and data caps on us, BT says there is no problem, and its put its money where its mouth is. Now you can get "Totally Unlimited" broadband even on the cheaper end -- no data caps to be seen.

It means BT's lower plans, which were capped at something around 40-60GB, are now available without limits. The only difference between BT's lower prices plans and the top end is now speed. BT Infinity 1, which is clocked around 40Mbps down can now be had for £23 a month, 80Mbps will run you £26 a month. There are even lower, capped plans, should you want to go even cheaper, but BT's mainstream plans are no longer capped.

Really, it's just a pricing move. But it's interesting to see BT being so brash about it. While others have been complaining about oversubscription, and enforcing pretty heavy traffic shaping, BT's basically saying there is no bandwidth problem. It's definitely spent a huge amount of money and time putting in the new infrastructure to support its fibre-to-the-cabinet network, and it looks like its really starting to pay off. Your move, Sky, Virgin, and the others. [BT via The Register]

Image credit: Fibre from Shutterstock