Burger King Apologises After Horse DNA Found in Supplier Factory

By Gary Cutlack on at

Horse meat-gate very nearly hit one of the big burger chains, with high street meat shop Burger King admitting to finding horse DNA in burgers at one of its suppliers. It has apologised, saying none of the dodgy meat actually made it into customers' gobs.

The horse DNA was found in the Irish Silvercrest facility, which has been linked to some of the other shocking horse-burger discoveries of late. BK says its in-house tests for horse DNA in its products came back negative, with only the batch intercepted at Silvercrest testing positive.

The blame has been placed on the rather grim concept of "filler" meat products Silvercrest obtained from Poland, which appear to be made up of a combination of beef and horse off cuts. Cheese sandwiches all round today. [Sky]

Image credit: Meat factory from Shutterstock