Burger King Twitter Hacked

By Sam Biddle on at

Most Twitter hackers go after heads of states or companies to stir up some humiliation. But today's target is Burger King, which has been transformed into a combination fo McDonald's and amphetamine addict. Enjoy it while it lasts.

It's not Anonymous, it's not UGNazi, it's... I have no idea who it is. He seems to like Chief Keef, so that's cool.

Burger King Twitter Hacked

But the Fish McBites background is a lovely touch.

The 82,000+ people who follow Burger King for some reason are probably very confused and frustrated by the lack of hot deals on Whoppers and new BK location announcements. In other news, if you run a hamburger company, make sure your password isn't "cheese" or something. [via Jesse Misener]