CES Won't Go "Talibanesque" on Booth Babes, But Suggests They Tone it Down

By Gary Cutlack on at

There will not be a ban on depressing "booth babes" at next year's CES, with event organisers claiming it'd be an administrative nightmare issuing rules on cleavage depths and skirt lengths for everyone to follow. Instead, it's just asking everyone to be a bit more... charming.

The CES people claim a strict dress code would be "unenforceable" at an event of such size, with 2014's event guidelines reworded slightly to simply suggest attendees give "thoughtful consideration" to the clothes they make their hired help wear while out and about on the show floor.

But that's a long way short of a ban or any meaningful shutdown of the event's usual meat market aesthetics. Karen Chupka, the senior VP of events and conferences for CES organiser the Consumer Electronics Association, confirmed the lack of any new rules, telling the BBC: "We do not want to create and impose arbitrary or unenforceable rules, or worse, inch our event towards a Talibanesque ban on exposure of skin."

She then laughably tried to turn it into a security issue, claiming that: "...mandating and enforcing a dress code would present a challenge to our security personnel and divert them from their most important and essential duty: ensuring the safety of all of our customers."

So having women tottering about in bikinis actually makes CES safer. [BBC]