Crazed Devon Man Punched Peanuts and Tried to Have Sex With an Ambulance

By Gary Cutlack on at

An extremely enjoyable party was had by Calum Ward in Barnstaple bus station last November, when he was caught on CCTV setting fire to some peanuts, punching the peanuts, then appearing to try to have sex with a bus. And yes, there were some drugs in his pocket.

According to local police, 25-year-old Ward was spotted in "relatively high spirits" in the area beforehand. CCTV footage later captured him setting fire to a packet of peanuts in a phone box before, for some inexplicable reason, he started punching the poor burning nuts.

After staggering about and bothering the locals for a while, Ward then lay down in front of an ambulance, with an attending police officer claiming in his notes that: "It looks as though he is attempting to make love to the front of the ambulance", which was parked in a bus station at the time.

Cannabis and amphetamine were found in his pockets. This has been a public service broadcast on behalf of Don't Mix Cannabis And Amphetamines. [This is Devon]

Image credit: Barnstaple from Shutterstock