Death Watch: Blockbuster Shuts Up Another 164 Stores

By Sam Gibbs on at

Things are going from bad to worse for all those still clinging onto jobs at the failing Blockbuster. Deloitte's just announced that 164 more stores are closing with around 800 jobs lost. It just goes to show you can't compete in an online world with crummy brick and mortar rental stores.

The 164 stores are on top of the 160 stores marked for destruction already, which leaves just 204 out of Blockbuster's 528 still standing. The closing stores will remain open to essentially collect in all outstanding rentals, and then shut up shop, leaving yet more holes in the UK High Street.

We're going to have to start thinking of uses for all these vacant shops that are being created in huge numbers. How about urban farms or something equally productive? Or maybe we could set up a load of gadget emporiums where you can take your tech and loiter with other gadget-obsessed folk? Probably a bad idea actually. Can you imagine how big a target for muggings that would be? [BBC]

Image credit: Blockbuster from Shutterstock