EE Says Average 4G Customer Uses Just 1.4GB of Data Each Month

By Kat Hannaford on at

EE's CEO Olaf Swantee has shared some interesting stats at MWC today, which certainly make me feel better for not using my full 8GB each month. According to EE, 25 per cent of their 4G traffic comes from customers watching videos, with 11 per cent of those being YouTube videos. More stats to nibble on, below.

Swantee also claimed the average customer sees speeds of 16Mbps, with peak speeds coming in at 50Mbps. Any EE 4G customers feel they're not quite hitting those highs yet? However fast they're hurtling along at, it's kind of amazing the average customer is only using 1.4GB of data each month -- I must say, after many years using unlimited data, I was really worried about moving to EE's capped data plans, but so far the only irritation I've felt is when I don't even hit half my maximum allowance, like I did last month.

After users have quit staring at their 4G-enabled screens while they stream video, it looks like maps, mobile banking and video-calling have seen a sharp increase in usage, compared to 3G customers.

Despite EE's financials showing new contracts actually fell slightly at the tail-end of the last financial year, Swantee said today that since November they've seen sales grow by 10 per cent every week. Either a lot of 3G customers are switching over to 4G, or sales are still so minimal that they didn't affect Q4 financials by much.

Any other EE 4G customers surprised by Swantee's stats?