Fanta's Tasteable Ad: Eating Paper Isn't Just for Weirdos Any More

By Chris Mills on at

Magazine ads are great and all, but fundamentally words are words, and no matter how many times Fanta promise that their new drink tastes !AMAZING!, there's no better way to prove it than letting each and every consumer's taste buds have a go. Which is why Fanta's now making sugary-orange-drink-flavoured paper.

The premise is simple: rather than have a boring full-page ad in a publication that you'll blast past and totally forget, you have an edible one, so that people will remember which drink flavour they were munching on while digesting the publication (pun entirely intended). Obviously, there are lots of questions here: the cost; whether or not it'll leave a horrible orange residue on your hands, making you look like you have a fake-tan fetish; and if it'll give you cancer or not. Still, tasteable paper like this appears in Willy Wonka, so there's no doubt that this is the future. [PRExamples]