Files Discovered in Jailbroken iPads Hint at Future Radio Features

By Mario Aguilar on at

Files discovered by 9to5Mac in the Music app on newly jailbroken iPads suggest that Apple's long-rumoured radio service might turn out to be more than a rumour after all.

9To5Mac reports that the new files are "radio buy" buttons that resemble the "radio play" buttons that already exist in iTunes. (Although, notably, the iPad's Music app doesn't have radio, yet.) The button files would seem to indicate that the service that's rumoured for launch in the first quarter of this year would offer some functionality so you could buy the songs that came on over the radio. Given that Apple uses iTunes to sell music, this feature would be a totally obvious addition. This could all be hogwash, of course, so let's wait and see what Apple announces. [9to5Mac]