First Person Shooters Have Come a Bloody Long Way Since 1992

By Sam Gibbs on at

Since the dawn of the humble FPS, I've played pretty much nothing else. Wolfenstein 3D kicked it all off, but Doom really cemented it in the public consciousness. From there we had Quake, Half-Life, and a myriad of other shooters, each getting better and better. It's amazing to see just how far we've come, all in one video. Can you spotĀ them all?

I've played every single one of them in that little run through, but my favourite still has to be Quake III Arena, I genuinely don't think that'll ever be bettered for sheer multiplayer awesomeness. Then again, I spent most of my teenage years playing that thing, so maybe it's the nostalgia factor talking. What's your favourite FPS of all time? [NoFrag via Kotaku]